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Alexis and Tasos Kontodimas started their collaboration as a single design & construction management firm, in 1996.
The team offers complete services, starting from the original design to the supervision of the construction and successfully completion of the project. The company is specialized on urban premises, summer & country houses, residential house complexes, as well as high-end renovations of historic and listed buildings. Over the last years, the team has also built significant experience in specialized projects, which entailed collaboration with leading foreign architectural offices, also in landscape architecture and interior design.
The preliminary architectural concept is followed by the design of the exterior shell and the careful lay-out of the interior spaces.
Human scale, together with the functionality and aesthetics, are the center of the architectural design. Openings are designed after careful consideration of natural light and ventilation, as well as premise orientation and balance between the building mass and the surrounding landscape.
Particular emphasis is given on incorporating principles of Green Architecture into our work, with attention to energy conservation and sensitive use of materials and applications that are friendly to the environment.